Levercode is a technology company focused on design, creation and implementation of novel data governance systems that deliver reliability, sustainability, and low risk.

We help Governments to execute Digital Transformation by providing the foundation for a reliable e-Governance ecosystem - Digital Identity, Data Exchange Layer/Interoperability, and Registries.

We also tackle specific data governance issues in various Government business verticals such as health, finance, national resource management etc.

We offer

  • LeverID, a Post-Quantum Capable Digital Identity and Signature Platform - a reliable, largely scalable, and sustainable mobile digital authentication and signing application suitable both for Governments (as a National ID) and businesses
  • [Data] Blueprint, a Technical Roadmap to achieving reliable, sustainable, and low risk e-Government ecosystem
  • Interoperability as Business Collaboration platform to make people work together as well-known and trusted partners
  • [Digital] Health – design and modelling of reliable data-centric Digital Health ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity Suite consisting of security and DevOps consulting, auditing, black/grey box and penetration testing of your applications or networks
  • Tailor made solutions for specific data governance issues in various Government business verticals

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