MindTitan is one of the fastest-growing artificial intelligence companies in Estonia and Northern Europe with a mission to solve business problems around the globe for public and private organisations using AI and machine learning. 

MindTitan does whatever it takes to deliver turnkey AI solutions. From AI strategy, idea validation, data collection, data labelling, data engineering, data architecture, piloting, scaling, MLOps to data science itself - they are there all the way to deliver the AI solutions that are needed for the organisations. 

MindTitan has been an AI expert in developing the AI strategy for the Estonian government, General Organization for Social Insurance from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Government of Uzbekistan, and for many other organisations. Working in multiple expert groups and providing counsel on the capabilities of AI and its possible applications has involved also steps of discovery, analysis, and the development of the machine learning project cycle. 

For the Estonian government, MindTitan has built AI systems for the Ministry of Finance, Road Administration, The Education and Youth Board, Ministry of Interior, National Audit Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Police and Border Guard Board, Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. 

Additionally, MindTitan has created and carried out trainings for governmental officials on a wide range of topics like AI-friendly software development, AI project management, or how to write together AI projects/tenders that can have successful outcomes. 

So far MindTitan has delivered over 75 AI projects in over 20 countries with an 85% success rate compared to the industry average where 85% fail according to Gartner research.