Afiss Bileoma

Afiss Bileoma

Director of Dematerialization, Information Services and Systems Agency, Benin

Afiss BILEOMA is the Director of Dematerialization at Information Services and Systems Agency (ASSI), a governmental agency in charge of the operational implementation of programs and projects within the framework of development strategies for secure digital information services and systems in Benin. Afiss BILEOMA has more than 20 years of experience in implementing digital solutions and in particular business process optimization and content management solutions, covering managerial, technical and commercial fields worldwide. With a background in computer engineering, Afiss BILEOMA previously held the position of Director of the support and integration department of Ennov, a company specializing in the edition of regulated content management solutions based in France.

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16:40 - 17:25
Panel Discussion

Laying the Groundwork for Digital Services: Case Studies from Africa

The discussion will focus on the preconditions, needs and challenges in developing human-centric and effective digital public services in Africa. The session aims to share practical experiences, good practices and lessons learnt based on real-life examples of developing digital public services in different African countries. This session is organised by the AU-EU D4D Hub, an EU funded project that supports African institutions to create an enabling environment for an inclusive digital transformation.