Barry Lowry

Barry Lowry

Chief Information Officer of the Irish Government

Barry Lowry has been the Chief Information Officer for the Irish Government since April 2016 with the primary task of taking forward the Government’s digital agenda. This includes developing the use of shared services, digital ID, digital services and data to better serve the people of Ireland and ensure that Ireland is well-placed to influence and exemplify the EUʼs digital ambitions for 2030. Barry is also the Chief Adviser to Government on all Digital matters affecting the State and its citizens. Barry was previously the Director for IT Shared Services and Strategy and Head of the IT Profession within the Northern Ireland Civil Service. Barry is a Fellow of the Irish and British Computer Societies and is a former winner of the BCS Northern Ireland IT Professional of the Year. He was awarded an O.B.E. for services to the Northern Ireland Government and the Northern Ireland Computer Industry in 2017.

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15:00 - 15:45
Keynote and Panel Discussion

Digital Government Excellence: Lessons from Effective Digital Leaders

There is growing body of know-how on what to do to make government and countries advance digitally. However, as important - if not more - is how to do it, and especially how to lead such efforts. The role and methods of leadership for digital transformation of governments have not gained as much attention. That is why Siim Sikkut, former Government CIO of Estonia, set out to capture such practices and inspiring stories by talking to 20 remarkable digital government leaders from around the world. These stories and insights will be published as a book Digital Government Excellence, due out by June 2022. In this session, first through a keynote by Siim Sikkut and then at the panel discussion, the panelists will shed light into how to lead governments successfully into and through digital change. The topics covered will include: • Different roles that leaders have to play and critical success factors • Leadership styles and practices for effective delivery of digital strategies and reforms • What to watch out for as a leader - potential pitfalls.