Justyna Romanowska

Justyna Romanowska

Digital Ambassador, Government of Poland

Justyna Romanowska – experienced tech diplomat in Brussels and attorney at law specialized in new technologies. Practitioner in the field of creating EU regulations and implementation, tech-savvy. Justyna has been a chief negotiator in the field of new technologies law for Poland in Brussels since 2016. She has been an attaché for digital affairs and Head of Digital Affairs Section in the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the European Union. Lawyer by education. She completed the court training for judges at Warsaw District Court. Currently she is attorney at law at Warsaw Bar Association. She has been an experienced civil servant responsible for public policy and regulations in the field of new technologies. With 13 years of apprenticeship in the profession she gained exeprience in new technologies regulations in national and international environment. Justyna on every day basis represents Poland in: Digital Diplomacy Network as Digital Ambassador, as well as in the Council of the European Union, European Commission’s Working Groups and cooperates with the European Parliament.

All Sessions by Justyna Romanowska

14:45 - 14:55
Case Study

Technologies and Innovations at the Service of the Refugee Crisis in Poland

As a consequence of the Russian attack, an estimated total of 5 million people have already left Ukraine for its neighbouring countries. Poland has welcomed more than 3 million Ukrainian refugees over the recent weeks. Not only shelter away from war has been offered to Ukrainian citizens in Poland, but also equal opportunities in terms of access to multiple services and benefits that the Polish administration offers to its own citizens. The on-boarding of the refugees has been a joint effort from the citizens, administration and businesses alike. One of the areas covered was making sure that the refugees have access to Polish on-line services and stay connected to the closest ones back in Ukraine. Another equally important aspect of handling the crisis is the need to ensure the resilience of public institutions at the national and European level. A properly designed digital state can be a way to maintain the continuity of digital public e-services. Furthermore, the importance of the cloud as a key element in ensuring the functioning of e-services is growing. One of the possibilities, and an option worth considering, is setting up data embassies – a backup of a digital state at all its levels.

14:55 - 15:30
Panel Discussion

How to Prepare the e-Governance for a Crisis? 

Enablers of digital government are usually considered as providers of solid baselines for building better public services. Should the enablers of digital government be built only for good times or should the enablers survive also the bad scenarios? Are the enablers also usable and operational during a crisis? During the panel we look enablers from the viewpoint of a crisis.