Kadi Metsandi

Director of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Engaged in diplomacy since her accession to the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24 years ago, she has served in various positions in Tallinn and abroad. Prior to the current position, she worked as the Digital Affairs Counsellor in the Business Diplomacy Unit, mainly focusing on relations with the African continent. During her posting at the Estonian Embassy in Paris as Economic Affairs Counsellor, she worked closely with the French Government and private sector on digital transformation and e-governance matters. Previously, Kadi has worked also in different positions related to the development cooperation and humanitarian aid, including at the Estonian Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva, and in Tallinn. She has also served in Political and European Affairs Departments covering the bilateral relations with Germany, France, Benelux countries, and been posted to the Estonian Embassy in Bonn and Berlin.

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13:00 - 13:45
Panel Discussion

How Can Donor Organizations Provide Rapid Response?

The panel will cover topics on how the donor organizations can provide rapid response to the countries and regions in a crisis, so that countries can build or maintain the necessary infrastructure and digital solutions for e-Government to work. The panelist will also provide suggestions for donor organizations and governments on how to better prepare for and work in crisis situations, what are good examples and what have been the challenges.