Linnar Viik

Co-Founder of e-Governance Academy

Linnar Viik (born 26 February 1965 in Tallinn) is an Estonian information technology scientst. Currently he is a lecturer and member of the board of the Estonian IT College. Linnar Viik is a member of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology governing board, member of Advisory Board of Nordic Investment Bank, member of the Research and Development Council of Estonia, Chairman of the Board of the Open Estonia Foundation.He is a founder and member of the boards of several mobile communications, broadband and software companies, former advisor to the Prime Minister of Estonia on ICT, innovation, R&D and civic society issues.Earlier occupations include United Nations Development Programme as advisor and Stockholm Environment Institute as Councilor. Linnar Viik has written over 120 articles and 10 reports, mostly on the topics of Knowledge Based Economy and Implications of Information Society, as well as been instrumental in the rapid development of Estonian computer and network infrastructure, as well as the Estonian Internet Voting and eSignature projects.

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15:20 - 16:00
Panel Discussion

The Balancing Act of Regulating AI

The panel that concludes this year's conference will take a look at the AI landscape from the needs and possibilities of national and global regulatory frameworks for AI, and other emerging digital technologies. As the drivers of these technologies are not the governments but private companies, specifically a few of them that further concentrate such competences, the national agendas on accepting or rejecting the private companies' utilization of AI on cross-boarder services needs to be subject of careful consideration for governments. At the same time, digital services provided by governments may use number of the AI applications for better service design, including, but not limited to, the aspects of empowering citizens and e-democracy.