Luigi Pessina

Luigi Pessina

Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Public Sector and Education Sales, Intel

Luigi Pessina oversees the Public Sector and Education Sales in Central and Eastern Europe. In his role, he is focused on engaging a cross functional team to drive ICT technology adoption into Education and Governments. As well as fostering key partnerships across governments, industry, OEMs and organizations to develop national technology programs. Luigi has 20+ years’ experience in executing Go-to-Market programs, Content Marketing, and Event Management. In his previous assignment Luigi has been leading a global team of content managers, video producers and marketeers to engage with Intel’s software and developer ecosystem.

All Sessions by Luigi Pessina

14:15 - 14:30

Improve Education Systems’ Resilience by Reinventing the Role of Technology

At Intel, we have been working at the intersection of technology and education for many years, focusing on how technology can enhance the teaching and learning experience, improve outcomes, and build more resilient education systems. In the last two years, we have launched three new initiatives designed to support educators’ efforts to close the digital divide. In this presentation we share what we’ve learned and hear from educators and learners about the innovative ways that they are using technology to better outcomes.

15:00 - 15:45

WORKSHOP: Teaching for the Future with Intel Skills for Innovation

With the rapid increase of technology adoption in every aspect of life, our education systems are challenged to produce students with the right skills for the future. This session will cover the Intel' Skills For Innovation (Intel' SFI) Initiative and the resources available to educators to help them prepare their students with the mindsets and skillsets of tomorrow.