Ott Velsberg

Ott Velsberg

Chief Data Officer of Estonian Government

Ott Velsberg is the current Chief Data Officer of Estonian Government with experience in coordinating data governance and data science, including domains of artificial intelligence, open data, citizen-centric data governance, data privacy and regulation, once-only principle, and much more. Strong experience with innovation management, strategic thinking, data management, data science and digital transformation. Leading Estonia to a trendsetter status in data governance, open data and artificial intelligence. He also serves as a board member for various boards, such as board of Statistics, board of Estonian Language technology, IT Academy AI and machine Learning advisory board. He holds a PhD in Informatics at Umea University.

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13:20 - 13:35

Building the Next Generation e-Government Through AI

Estonia is an undisputed leader in digital governance and has launched an ambitious AI strategy to transform e-governance. As part of its ambitions, Estonia has the goal of making public services radically easier to use and more accessible, while creating a completely seamless and proactive citizen-centric government. Estonia has already implemented more than 80 AI use cases in government, with the ambitious goal of implementing more than 130 AI use cases by 2022. Some of the use cases involve a citizen virtual assistant, Bürokratt, to provide public services through voice-based interaction. During his keynote, the Government’s Chief Data Officer Ott Velsberg presents how Estonia’s government is transforming government, its greatest successes thus far, and what hasn’t worked.

13:35 - 14:15
Panel discussion

How to Provide e-Services to Overcome the Digital Divide?

Different characteristics, ranging from social or economic to cultural, can define the usage of e-services. How to compensate the effects of the Digital Divide when providing e-enabled public services? Would AI or biometric solutions be the game changers?